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Aggressive Pets

At Park N' Bark we endeavour to provide a safe and comforting environment for your pet.  If we feel the pets are showing any signs of aggression during the grooming process, we reserve the right to terminate the groom.  The groomer may suggest trying a groom again on another day if the aggression is due to a particular issue or the age of the pet, however, this is not guaranteed. This is not only for the safety and well being of your pet, but for the groomer's safety as well. We are more then happy to refer pet parents to groomers that do accept aggressive pets, or to a reputable trainer for professional advise.


At Park N' Bark we require the up to date proof of rabies vaccination certificate, which can be provided at any time prior to the scheduled appointment. We will accept proof through email, text or in person.

We do not require, but always recommend, having an updated Bordetella vaccination, especially in puppies. 

Rescheduling/ Missed Appointments

Park N' Bark is happy to reschedule your appointment, simply do so within 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  

If you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours prior to your appointment, there will be a fee of $20.00 added to your account. 

In addition, if we arrive to your scheduled appointment and you are a no show, you will be charged 50% of the scheduled grooming price.

Matted/ Pelted Coats

At Park N' Bark once we assess the coat condition and if we find it is too matted/ pelted, we will recommend a shave out of the matting, as we will not brush out the whole body of the dog as it can cause, irritations, brush burn as well as be a painful experience for your dog.  A matted pet waiver form will be provided to be signed prior to receiving any grooming services. Pets with matted coats that are minimal and the pet can tolerate a dematting and responds well, can be added for a fee.

Handstripping Dogs

At Park N' Bark we require any pet that would like to be handstripped be kept on a scheduled groom of every 6 to 8 weeks for proper maintenance.  This benefits the coat and provides the optimum results.

Fleas & Ticks

At Park N' Bark we do not groom dogs that have fleas.  Once we find one or two on your pet, the grooming will be stopped and we will recommend a veterinary visit to deal with the condition. 

We will groom dogs that have ticks.  We will safely remove the tick and place them in a bag that we return to the pet parent. 

Refusal of Services

At Park N' Bark we reserve the right to refuse/stop any grooming services throughout the grooming process, in the event that your pet is too stressed, ill or becomes too dangerous to groom.

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