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A Unique Service that aspires to keep the integrity and beauty of your pets skin and coat. Handstripping keeps your coarse coated breeds colours vibrant and healthy. It targets your pets older hairs, which are easy to pull out and (unlike human hair it isnt attached) doing so leaves room for new stronger hairs to grow. It ensures that the coat will have a fuller, shinier texture and vibrant colour.


It is highly recommended instead of clipping the coat which only cut the old blown dull coat which will have a soft dull coat regrow. Handstripping leaves room for fresh new guard hairs to grow. by clipping the coat you prevent the coat growing in properly and it may not be possible to strip in the future.

DISCLAIMER: Prices listed below are estimated quotes and subject to change depending on your pet's individual needs and situation.  Please note that if your pet shows any aggression, we may charge an additional amount and reserve the right to refuse service for the safety of the groomer. 

Please refer to Policies page for further details.

Cocker Spaniels
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