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Cat Grooming

Cats require regular grooming just like any pet and is a myth that they actually don't need professional grooming. It can provide great benefits to your cat such as: reduced matting, reducing hairballs, shedding, dander and grease, overgrown nails and their overall comfort and appearance. When Cats self groom it makes matting easier to form which can cause discomfort and pull at the skin which, in turn, can cause skin and health issues. 

Our services cater to all types of cats with varying skin and coat needs. Every cat will receive their own unique haircut. 

DISCLAIMER: Prices listed below are estimated quotes and subject to change depending on your pet's individual needs and situation.  Please note that if your pet shows any aggression, we may charge an additional amount and reserve the right to refuse service for the safety of the groomer. 

Please refer to Policies page for further details.

Cat Grooming
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