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All About Us

Our head groomer, Sabrina Cardillo, loves animals of all shapes and sizes.  Sabrina takes great care and pride in her skills as a groomer.  She has an artistic background from her training at the Ontario College of Art and Design.  She spent several years working as a veterinary assistant in Markham providing her with the knowledge and skill to handle pets in distress. 

Sabrina made the decision to become a groomer to fulfill her creative needs as well as her love of pets.  She has been a licensed Dog & Cat Groomer with the NGAC since 2019 graduating from Pamerperd Paws Ltd. and has worked with all types of breeds, shapes and sizes of pets.  

In her free time, she has been known to rescue pets that have been abandoned or are in poor health. 

Sabrina loves to provide your pets with the best care and serve to ensure their optimal coat possible including skin and nails.  The animals respond to her like you have never seen before, allowing her to provide the best results, even in the worst conditions.

Sabrina's mission is to use all natural, biodegradable, sustainable products to provide the healthiest experience possible for your pet.  Sabrina will cater to the individual needs of your pet.  She is determined to provide all pets with the best care when grooming your pets for a healthy skin and coat.  Yes, pets feel great when they look great.  Just like people!

Let Sabrina treat your pet like a prince or princess today!

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